Welcome To The BOLD Family
Hi, this is Sara-Marie and Al :) 

We are the founders of Bold Illumination <3 

We understand that your home is likely your largest, most cared-for investment of your life - so we want to take a moment and invite you into our home, our family :)

From left to right, we have Sariah (she's 9), Sara-Marie, Al, Baron (he's 12) and Lincoln (he's 11).

They are our driving force behind BOLD <3 

Let's dive into how it all started.
Although Sara-Marie and I have both managed and owned several businesses over the past 15 plus years, with the longest being Family Kickboxing - a fitness studio founded in 2004 that's still going strong today...

When we came across this... we knew it was time to take things to the next level.

One evening, while groaning and complaining about how ugly regular, boring, green-stringed Christmas lights look all day long when they aren't even being used, we hit the web to look for answers.

We thought, there's got to be a better way.

After lots of research, we came across this luxury trim lighting, and we knew it's what we wanted.

We looked for someone who offered here in the North, and came up empty.

Being serial-entrepreneurs, we knew this was something we HAD to bring in!
There were several different companies that supplied variations of what we were looking for, but none had the quality we we're looking for...

Until we came across Celebright.

They checked off all the boxes...

1 - High quality product, that we could back with an industry leading 25 year guarantee.

2 - Rated for the NORTH, extreme weathers, and even water-proof

3 - Perfect, nearly invisible set up. Many of the other brands use larger light "pucks" that give off a clover-leaf type look on the house instead of seamless lighting.

4 - Redundancy built in. That means when IF, in the rare chance, that a bulb does go out, you won't lose the whole line. Just the one bulb, and we'll be right out to fix it!

5 - Last but not least, MADE IN CANADA.

That sealed the deal for us.

We made a few calls, and a few weeks later, had a deal with Celebright - and now have brought Luxury Lighting to the North.

We service Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Parry Sound, Muskoka and Collingwood - plus some of the surrounding communities.

How The Lights Are Installed

 These lights are high-end, luxury lights - and not your standard, off the shelf lights.

Every aspect of the installation is designed to blend seamlessly into your home.

It all starts off with a perfect colour-match.

After the initial digital quote and the deposit is received, we swing by and do a colour-match to your existing soffit colour.

We have access to over 250 different colours, to virtually guarantee a perfect match.

From there, we order your tracking and lighting components.

The wiring and lighting fixtures are all hidden within the track, which is then slid from one side into the bottom lip of your fascia, and the other side screwed into the soffit using colour-matched screws, giving you a wire-free, perfectly blended and nearly invisible luxury lighting system.

From there, all the systems are connected together using seamless tracking, combined with data-jumps, which is a wiring harness we use to "jump" data and power from one roofline to another. This is typically hidden within the soffit when going from a straight line to a pitch.

When going from one roof line to a second (in the case of a second or third level), where rooflines don't meet, we use colour-matched loom and find a non-visible place to hide it, such as behind an down spout or tucked in the siding corner trim.
Let's not overlook this point...

One of the challenges with traditional holiday lighting, other than the risk of falling off a ladder, or freezing your fingers trying to put them up... is that the green wiring all around your beautiful architectural home is just plain ugly during the day.
Having luxury lighting during the holidays, WITHOUT any wires, is huge.  


All of the lights are circuited back down to a control box, which is plugged into a standard power outlet.

This can be mounted outside using a weatherproof box, or inside a garage (preferred).

Remember, these lights are super-efficient, and an entire home typically draws less than a single, 75w bulb!  

For larger homes, multiple power sources may be required. 

We invest ample time to ensure all our wiring is hidden, and that these boxes are out of sight. 


One of the reasons we chose Celebright lighting components for our Luxury Lighting is because of it's robust winter-testing. 

These lights are completely sealed end-to-end and are tested to work flawlessly in Ontario blizzard weather as low as 40 below zero.

What's even more incredible, is that these lights are even rated to IP68, which is for underwater use!

Now, we're not guaranteeing this rating for underwater, but we are guaranteeing it for even the wildest rain storms.  


This control box is then connected to your homes WIFI signal.

Once connected, you download our mobile app, and control every aspect of the lights from your phone.

YES, the app is super easy to use, and we'll even spend time with you to make sure you fully understand how to use the app :)

Within the app, you can:

Dim the lights, to get the perfect brightness you're looking for.
Change the colours, from solid to multi colour
Choose which lights are on, for example, you can have the front off, or a certain colour, and another section, say the BBQ and hot tub in the back, lit up in party colours
Choose how many bulbs are on, for example, every second bulb, to give your home the traditional pot lights look.
Select if you want static or animated lights.
Schedule the lights to automatically turn on or off with the sunrise and sunset.
and so much more!

And, to make things even more cool, you can plan out the entire year in advance.
So, you can pre-plan to have (for example) your home to go orange for Halloween, pink for Valentines, red and green for Christmas, etc.  


This is a great question! 

We still don't understand why most lights aren't ran in parallel circuits... but another great point with our lights is that if a bulb does go out (despite being guaranteed for 25 years), you won't lose the whole line while waiting for our team to swing by to repair it.

That means no-more dead spots in your lighting system! 


Yes. That's over TWO DECADES.

That's how much we stand behind our product.

That's 25 years of never having to go up a ladder again, 25 years of never having to replace junky green lights from the hardware store, 25 years of having the brightest (and coolest!) home on the block.

If any of your lights malfunction for any reason within 25 years of install, simply give us a call, and we'll swing by and take care of it, no problems, no questions asked.

We stand behind our lights, and we stand behind you <3  


We offer a luxury item, to give your home a luxurious look - while adding highly-practical use to your outdoor lighting.

And, we fully understand that Luxury Lighting isn't for everyone.

But for those on the fence, we wanted to let you know WHY we're not able to offer discounted jobs or special promo's.

When we looked at creating the next level in luxury lighting and bringing it to the North, we did a lot of research.

We did find a handful of other options. Each of them MORE affordable than our Luxury Lights.

BUT... made the tough decision to go with the HIGHEST rated product. Because we feel YOU are worth the best.

This high-end lighting system is so good, we guarantee it for 25 years, no questions asked.

At the end of the day, we’d rather apologize once for price, than forever for poor quality


We've talked about how easy it is to customize your home, light by light, but did you know we can do more than just roof lines?

We can custom design our lights to wrap around railings, pool houses, boat houses, steps, and more.

Now, with that being said, we're not currently quoting for some of these during the winter. 

But, if you have a spring install already booked, we will definitely discuss upgrade options with you as the snow melts, and your beautiful landscaping starts to be revealed again :) 

Our Bold Illumination Promise

The Bold Illumination Difference

When we set out to build Bold Illumination, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the average Joe created a copy-cat, and started offering similar products. We also knew, that when a competitor has no other advantage, they resort to competing on price.

At Bold, we don’t price match, and we sure as heck don’t cut corners to take our cost down.

What that means, is we offer the highest value, hands down, but we also go beyond cute words to prove it. For every Ferrari, there's ten thousand Chevy Sunfires.

Well, we took the time, and added expense, to go WAY beyond the call of the "sunfires".

Here's just a few easy reasons why you deserve the Bold Illumination Difference.

1. We hire professional installers and pay them well. 

What that means is we don’t have minimum wage, scratching your siding with the ladder, stepping all over your plants, leaving metal shavings in your lawn, bottom of the barrel laborers here. 

We pay well, hire the best, and have a relentlessly high standard. 

It’s your home, and we take that very seriously.

2. We guarantee your lights with an industry leading 25 years. 

We are the only ones willing to do that, even though others may sell the same product. 

We alone can do this because we go above the call of duty and order the highest grade materials and we know the high quality of our professional installers.

3. We specialize in luxury lighting. 

That’s all we do. While others add this as an “extra” service they offer, we give 100% to our clients, and don’t have time to fiddle with other side-hustles. 

Our team at Bold Illumination walks, talks and eats Luxury Lighting - and when you go all in on one thing, you master it.

4. We’re seasoned veterans of the business world. 

We've been building businesses and have two decades of experience in business, both locally, and globally.

Some of our businesses are still running today - we’re not a fly-by-night.

What that means is that when you need us, 3, 5, 10, 25 years down the road, we'll still be here to take your call, while many others have come and gone. 

5. We own our own gear - including a brand new 40 foot boom lift. 

We specialize in large, beautiful homes, and went above and beyond to be able to serve these homes with the highest quality, lowest risk, and upmost safety in mind. 

No tramping over your flowers, trying to reach a high ridge with a shaky ladder, or being at the mercy of rental availability.

We bought our own, brand new, lift - and we're here to serve you.

6. We’ve got your back

We don’t just install, we serve you before, during and after. 

After your install, we do a Wine and Learn, which is where we sit with you, pour a glass of wine, and go over the entire system with you. We'll help you plan out and pre-set the entire year, making sure you get the most out of it. 

We understand that any system is only as good as your ability to use it. And, if any point at all you find yourself needing a hand with a setting, we’re right by your side.

At the end of the day, we won’t ever discount our value, and you’ll be forever glad we didn’t.

We would much rather apologize for a higher price once, than apologize for poor quality forever.

We’re Bold, and that’s the way we like it.

Sara-Marie and Al
Copyright 2023 - Bold Illumination